We are Megan and Katie and we are sisters that knit. We have been knitting for over 10 years and designing since 2013.  We use our experience and creativity to make patterns that combine simple construction with unique design elements. We focus on creating clear and easy to follow patterns that are error free. Our patterns and kits are for sale on Ravelry and Etsy with new ones being released on a regular basis.  


I am the pattern writer and designer. I like to use simple backdrops to showcase unique ideas, whether it be some fun colour work or an interesting stitch. I have each pattern tested by multiple other knitters to make sure everything is as it should be. 

I do not like sticking to one style of knitting, I feel a constant need to learn and try new and dangerous techniques. Right now I am very into worsted weight hats, while a few months ago it was all about super chunky blankets and gloves. 

If you couldn't tell, I am also the “voice” of Pip & Pin. I write the pattern descriptions and website things (like the about page!) and I keep up the blog. Well, I try to keep up the blog at least. And if you check out our instagram, that’s me too.  

And while I do a lot of the photography, Katie most definitely edits it all.

I live in Abbotsford, BC which is about an hour outside of Vancouver. I live in a little 2 bedroom condo with my (soon to be) husband and my daughter, Georgia. I am a stay at home mom and love coffee and the outdoors. Even when I’m not designing you can still usually find me knitting away. I have recently become a selfish knitter and am in the process of simultaneously making myself my very first sweater and getting rid of all my store bought socks and replacing them with knitted ones. (Which is quite the undertaking considering I’ve never really knit socks before.)

You can find me and my knitting projects on Ravelry, lots of pictures of a super cute baby (and some other stuff) on Instagram, and you can always email me at support[at]pipandpin.ca


Katie does all of the graphic design work. She does the pattern layouts, photo editing and everything pertaining to the creation and upkeep of the website. She created the entire Pip & Pin brand and makes everything look pretty and work well.

She also does the marketing and advertising and makes sure as many people as possible know who we are and what we do. Her mind is always on our market displays and has a knack for taking thrift store finds and turning them into booth staples.

When knitting she is all about playing with texture while sticking to a palette of neutrals, black and white with pops of colour. She doesn’t like to follow rules or patterns and just makes it up as she goes, we call that freestyle knitting and it’s perfect for me to reverse engineer and write patterns from.

Katie lives with her partner, Peter, and son, Lennin, in a quaint Heritage Home in Vancouver, BC.  She is currently enjoying life as a new mom on Maternity Leave and likes doing yoga in the park, going to art exhibitions and walking around her Mount Pleasant neighbourhood with a baby strapped to her chest.  

She has a diploma in Interior Design Technology (BCIT 2008) and Communications and Graphic Design (BCIT/Emily Carr University 2010) and is the Lead Design and Creative Manager at an ecom furniture store.  She also does freelance design for a variety of clients in the hospitality, retail and interior design industries.  

You can find her work at katieanne.ca, see her Linkedin profile, and look at pictures of her super cute baby (and some other stuff) on Instagram.

A little History

Pip & Pin was created in the fall of 2010.  

Katie had come over for a visit and had brought along this scarf she was knitting. It was super chunky and snuggly looking and unlike anything I had seen before. I had recently heard of a little known website called “Etsy” and excitedly suggested that we could sell items like these in our own little shop! After about half an hour discussing the idea, we sped into town and spent $300 on knitting supplies and basically started Pip & Pin that night.

Our grandma taught us how to knit and all of her yarn got passed down to us. It was quite a large collection but none of it really matched and none of it was going to give us that thick and chunky look we were going for. That first scarf Katie showed me was made using a combination of all different types of yarn, so that became our signature. We let the yarn inspire us and collected it from everywhere; new, used, thrifted and gifted! At our very first market we had a woman came by and loved out stuff - later that day she came back with a huge bag of yarn she’s bought for her daughter but never got used. She was like, “Here, you guys are awesome, take this!” We've scoured thrift stores and garage sales and have even used handspun and hand dyed yarns in our creations.  

Katie was in school for graphic design when we started Pip & Pin and was able to pull our company into her projects. She created our logo, our brand name, all of our social media sites and our website, and got grades for it! So even though we were a very small, very very new business she was able to make us look professional early on.  

When we started we were both working in coffee shops, so we started by selling shamelessly to our friends, customers and co-workers. We did our first craft market in September of 2011 in Abbotsford and, despite it being held outdoors in unseasonably warm weather, we did really well and had a lot of fun. The next year we applied to all of the larger Vancouver markets and were a little surprised when we got into every single one of them. From there Pip & Pin kind of exploded. In the next few years we had a few articles and interviews written about us and were knitting near constantly from August until December. We were selling our signature Button Cowls, Infinity Scarves and Headbands and were doing extremely well and working really hard.  And then…

A few years ago we both started feeling the strain that months on end of furious knitting can have. By the end of market season, around the middle of December, Katie’s shoulder and right arm, and my left wrist were left almost completely useless. We decided that we needed a change and we have now shifted our focus to pattern writing and kits instead of production.