Megan Nodecker is a knitwear designer from Abbotsford, British Columbia. From lace crop tops to pom pom toques, she is known for her cozy and casual wearable designs. She has a knack for creating patterns that are not only form flattering and fun to knit, but also easy-to-understand at any level. 

She has been creating patterns since 2013 and has been knitting even longer. Megan currently lives in the Fraser Valley with her husband and daughter and is working on her third book. 

You can find Megan on Instagram as @pipandpin.

Katie-Anne Williams began knitting with her sister at an early age. As she started her career as a communications designer, knitting always remained close to Katie’s heart. She is a visual problem solver with a love of all things simple.

Katie’s home base is Vancouver, British Columbia, but  she currently lives in Hawaii with her husband and two sons where she is the founder of Measured, a boutique design and publishing company. 

You can find Katie on Instagram @__katieanne.