A little about me…

I am Megan Nodecker and I live near Vancouver, BC. I learned to knit from my grandma when I was young, though I really started knitting just after high school when I was working at a ski lodge where knitted things were always appreciated. In 2010, I started a knitwear line with my sister which has since then morphed into pattern design.

I do not stick to one style of knitting and am always trying out new and dangerous techniques. I dabble in cables and lace, chunky and light, textured and refined. I love grey, white and black neutrals as well as rich, earthy jewel tones. When writing patterns I try to be as clear and comprehensive as possible and use tech editors and test knitters to make patterns that are error free and easy to read. I like using charts and diagrams and always try to explain new techniques as clearly as possible.

I’m always around to answer any questions you have may about my patterns or to lend a hand if you’re having trouble.  Thanks so much for visiting!