April Pattern: Porteau

With Spring juuuust beginning here in the Pacific North West, I figured now is the perfect time to release the pattern for Porteau, a pair of fingerless gloves perfect for our nice-enough-to-go-outside-but-still-kind-of-cold weather. 

"Take me camping," they say.

"Take me camping," they say.

Porteau gloves are worked in the round from the wrist to the fingers. They have a generous ribbed cuff and some mountain-meets-ocean inspired patterning on the tops. They are the perfect pair for chilly days by the water, camping, hiking or just sitting by the fire.

Check them out on Ravelry and until April 9, you can get them for 25% off. No coupon code is needed, the discount is applied at checkout. 

Happy Spring!!

March Pattern: Brookmere

Trucking right along with my year of pattern releases, here is March's new pattern, Brookmere. 

It's a comfy, slouchy hat with two brim options and two sizes. It's knit with a super soft Aran weight Merino for those still-a-little-chilly mornings (though I have been seeing lots of green poking up recently!!)

This pattern was actually supposed to be named Kettle Valley (after the abandoned train bridges near Hope, BC) but the folks over at Knox Mountain Knit Co. beat me to it! About a week before this was going to be released, they release the beautiful Kettle Valley Shawl, named after the same railroad, just farther East! Great minds, I guess! So now instead of being named after an abandoned railroad, it's named after a nearly abandoned town on the line.

Until March 27, 2017 you can get 25% off this pattern in my Ravelry Store. No code needed, the discount is automatically applied at checkout. 

New Website

I've been thinking about updating the website for quite awhile now, and it's finally happened! Katie has streamlined it and made it a lot simpler and easier to navigate.

What's here now? Well, you'll find a little slideshow with my favourite pattern photos that will get updated periodically, a much more condensed About page, Patterns, which is a direct link to my Ravelry designer page and where all of my patterns can be found, and here - Blog - the place for everything else. And if you need to contact me my social media and email is right at the bottom of each page. 

I feel there is a lot less information here now, but it is also not so overwhelming. Is there something important that I missed or that you would like to see? Let me know!



February Pattern: Enderby

Enderby; a crescent/assymetrical triangle shawl knit with DK yarn. 

This shawl is knit using three colours of DK weight yarn and makes a perfect layering piece. It is an asymmetrical triangle shawl knit from side to side beginning with the smallest point and working its way out. It alternates sections of stockinette stitch and gothic lace, and ends with garter stitch to create a shawl with a ton of texture.

Enderby uses i-cord in a variety of ways to produce a nicely finished looking piece. It starts with an i-cord cast on, continues on the neck edge of the body and ends with an i-cord bind off. All of these techniques are explained in the pattern. Because of the i-cord edging on the body, you end up with a uniquely crescent shaped triangle shawl.

And a little more news: The wonderful folks at Interweave have graciously donated a copy of their new book Garter Stitch Revival for a giveaway I'm hosting on Instagram. 

Look for this post and follow the directions for your chance to win! 

January Pattern: Cranbrook

Keeping with my goal of publishing one pattern a month, Cranbrook went live a few days ago. 

It's a quick and easy hat that is knit in the round from the bottom up. I've been working on a few larger projects recently and just wanted something that would fly off the needles! And show off this yarn - Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Hayloft. I got it while on a trip to Philadelphia to visit my mom and I've been itching to use it.

From now until Friday, January 27, 2017 it is 25% on Ravelry. You don't need a coupon code, the discount is automatically applied when you check out. 

Also last week I got something that will, hopefully, help me stick to my goals and better balance life in general. It's a Passion Planner and I'm kind of in love. It is a day planner (which to be honest, it could have stopped there. I love stationary) but it is set up for, and teaches you how to, set goals. Life goals, Yearly goals, Daily goals - it's all in there. Plus some quotes and lots of blank space so everything can all be in one place. I've really only had it a week so I can't tell you how effective it actually is, but I've heard lots of great reviews and am excited to really start using it more. I hope it will help me better manage my time, and to keep better balance between work, family, friends, and keeping the house a non-disaster and everyone relatively well-fed. This totally sounds like an advertisement, but it's not! I just get jazzed about day planners. 

Speaking of goals, I actually wrote about some of my knitting goals back in August 2015. I hadn't really thought about them, but looking back I've completed almost all of them, and am on the way with some of the others. You can read the full post here, but here's the cliff notes:
1. Get yarn support - still haven't done this one, but I am planning to and it doesn't scare me anymore
2. Get published - That has happened. Quite a few times now, actually! 
3. Write a book - this one hasn't happened either but, again, there are plans brewing
4. Design a sweater - This one has also happened, and this was, I thought, my least attainable goal!

It's really awesome to be able to look back and say, "hey! I did those things that I thought I never would!" and to be able to actually see the steps that have been taken. I hope that this can continue and, as much as I said I didn't like them, maybe there's something to New Years Resolutions after all. 

Knitting and Camping

Last weekend the Pip & Pin team (plus men and babies) packed up and went camping! 

Though, according to some, we were not "real" camping, as we stayed in a little cabin and were not entirely exposed to the wild wilderness. But I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed having running water, a clean, dry bed, a wood-burning fireplace, a toilet, a fridge and a roof. (The roof really came in handy while it poured rain all of Saturday night.)

While we were enjoying our trip Katie and I did what we always do when we are out and about some place pretty, we took pictures. Lots of pictures. Lots of pictures for new Pip & Pin patterns. Unfortunately for you, they are mostly all on Katie's camera and I don't have them yet so you will have to be satisfied with a tiny teaser of some squishy knits to come.

And of course, our favourite backdrop of the day was the white wall of the camp site bathrooms... 


Designed In Canada!

I've been part of the Designed in Canada! group on Ravelry for quite some time now, and this year, despite having 8,000 things on my to do list, I've decided to join in on the Canada KAL. I've never participated in a KAL before so this is pretty exciting! 

I'm going to be quite ambitious and knit a Hitchcock (tincanknits) in Berocco Vintage for Justin, and then hopefully a Beacon Hill (jane richmond) in Berrocco Ultra Alpaca for myself. The KAL is three months long - it started last weekend and runs until the end of summer - so I hope that will be enough time for both! 

The very beginning of my Hitchcock Sweater

The very beginning of my Hitchcock Sweater

You should join too! There's lots of great prizes (including some pattern downloads from yours truly) and you don't actually have to be a Canadian to join - you just have to knit patterns by Canadian Designers. Here's a handy dandy link to some great patterns from the Great While North! 

Picking Up Stitches

I wanted to pass along a great tutorial I found awhile ago. It's about math. 

It's about how to know how to evenly pick up stitches for sleeves, or a button band, or a collar or whatever you need to pick up stitches for, by just doing some simple fractions. This is a tutorial I've used in the past and when I went to try and find it today -*nothing*-. I was searching for the link forever and I finally found it in my Facebook Saved Links (which is weird, because I almost never use those!) 

So to save myself some trouble for the next time I need it, and to share the knitting wisdom with the rest of you, I give you Perfectly Picked Up Stitches from Kelbourne Woolens

(It's also been added to our Tips page!) 

All the little ladies, all the little ladies

So I've got to say, when it comes to garment knitting, you petite ladies have it made! 

I just started a design commission and the sample needs to fit a 34" bust. Now I'm not used to that at all! (First off, I'm a little more voluptuous than that and I also like a bit more room). I feel like I took on a little more than I could handle in the coming months with three patterns and samples due by July, but after the way this first one is just  flying off the needles I feel much better about everything! 

And look at this amazing yarn I get to use! It's The Fibre Co.'s Acadia in Sand and it the softest, most luxe alpaca/merino/silk I've ever gotten to work with.Β 

And look at this amazing yarn I get to use! It's The Fibre Co.'s Acadia in Sand and it the softest, most luxe alpaca/merino/silk I've ever gotten to work with. 

Also, today is the LAST DAY to enter our Courtship Instagram Giveaway, so head to our instagram page to enter!