The other weekend Katie and I went down to Bellingham, Washington for a couple of days to visit our mom, who was up visiting from Philadelphia.  The unfortunate thing was I was pretty sick the entire week before and accidentally got Katie sick when we went out for lunch a few days earlier, so we were both pretty much tired, drugged up zombies the whole trip.  We still had a good time though.

We went to some antique stores and some thrift stores and one very seedy flea market, drank some tea in really cute china and at night we partied like rockstars while knitting and watching romantic comedies in the hotel room.

I also found a Le Tigre shirt at Value Village, but I couldn't justify spending $8 on a weird colored shirt for an obscure band that I was obsessed with in high school.  So I just took a picture of it instead.

Pip and Pin Le Tigre Shirt