So it's been awhile. After the markets died down, Katie and I were on our annual knitting hiatus I could not for the life of me keep my hands off the needles.  At Knit City I found this pattern for a blanket that I thought would be a great way to use up some of my wool scraps.  (I can never bring myself to throw those things away, even when they're really too small to do anything with.)

The pattern is called Pop - a superhero polka dot blanket, from Tin Can Knits

The thing I love about it is it's so simple, you don't need a gauge, and you can make it as big or small as you want to.   They had made a 4x6 baby blanket and I think mine is something like an 8x11 so far.  I just want a really giant camping blanket!

Photo by meganelysew Photo by meganelysew


It's still not quite done yet, I still have to block a few more squares and then sew it all together, but it's almost there.