NC and KC

Holy moly, these past few weeks have been nuts!

Mid-September started with a week long family vacation in North Carolina. It started (and ended) with a 14 hour cross continent journey with a toddler. It went surprisingly well. There was a perfect sandy beach, lots of cousins for Georgia to play with (whom she had never met before), a wedding and bbq, ghost crabs and lots of sunsets that set on the wrong side of the ocean. Tons of fun aside from mostly un-beach-like weather. I was thinking that I would write more about it later but knowing me, I probably won't so here's a picture of Georgia at the airport! 

Then four days after I get home it was Knit City! We met so many amazing people and felt so much lovely yarn. I felt I did a pretty good job of restraining myself though and only bought enough yarn for one project.

At the time I didn't know exactly what it was going to be but I just had to have that black and white speckley supersoftloveyarn from the Valley Yarn booth. I wasn't sure if four (all they had) would be enough for whatever cardigan/sweater/jacket I would be making so I threw in a couple of blacks just to be sure. After looking at every sweater sample and every designer book in the joint I did end up buying a couple of patterns, Grace and Beacon Hill from Jane Richmond, knowing full well that probably neither would be the one for this yarn. (I did do a swatch for Beacon Hill but as I had suspected, the yarn was too busy and I didn't want to have to do a bunch of guess work to get Grace to work with DK)  After searching for two days on Ravelry I came up Lush from Tin Can Knits. How I didn't see it when I was right there, standing in her booth, I don't know. 

But Lush it is! I'm doing collar and lace yoke in black and the body in the speckled and I haven't decided yet what the cuffs, button band and hem are going to be. If I decided to do it all in the speckled then I would do some intarsia on the button band so the yoke and collar are still all black.Or I could keep it a little simpler and just do it all black. Hmmmm... thoughts? 

And since this pattern has all the sizes, I'm hoping I have enough speckle left over to make Georgia a matching sweater too. Not with the black yoke though, maybe purple? or white? I'm not sure yet but I'm super excited to be all matchy matchy.