Welcome to our new home

Hey look at our new site! 

Isn't it pretty? Our old one was nice, but with the new direction that Pip & Pin is moving in, we needed something new and fresh and clean and simple.

We've rebooted out About Page so if you want to know a little bit more about me and Katie and how we got started you can head over there and check it out. We have a new Patterns Page, which showcases all of our favourite knitting patterns, and as always, our Contact Page so you can drop us a line.

We also started using squarespace which, if you have your own website, I would highly recommend looking into. It's so easy and intuitive. With our old site there were a lot of things that were overly complicated so I couldn't really do much except for blog (or risk screwing something up) and I had to always get Katie to do anything website related. It was fine that way, but it's just nice to know that if I find I typo somewhere I can just go and change it with no need for a big production.

So, welcome, relax, take your shoes off and knit something.