Walks on the River

Earlier this week I took Georgia on one of my favourite walks along the dykes at McKay Creek Trail.  It takes you through a forest, over some bridges, on top of some dykes, past a horse all the while being surrounded by wild blackberry bushes.  

Georgia had fun with her favourite past time, collecting rocks from the gravel, we picked blackberries right from the bush (surprisingly she didn't prick herself on any of the thorns), and we went to go make friends with the horse. She cried when we had to say goodbye which was pretty cute. 

When I was little I used to come here with my grandpa every once in awhile.  One year we came in the fall and the salmon were spawning. There was a bridge over this little side creek and we spent quite some time watching the salmon work their way up through the rocks.  The next time we went was in the spring and we went to the same bridge and watched the baby fish make their way back down to the river. It was a pretty neat experience to share, and although we did go on that walk quite a bit, those two times were the most special.

A few years ago it was also the spot that me and N. had one of our first dates. It was fall and so we went to the same bridge me and my grandpa went to, and watched the fish. N. made a terrible, terrible dad joke and now whenever we drive by I tease him and say that's when I fell in love with him. 

It probably isn't the most special or significant place in my whole life, but it is neat that I can take Georgia to these places and have some stories to tell her when we eat blackberries on the grass. 


(Want to know the joke? What do you can a fish with no eye? A fsshhh. Worst.)