Pinantan Lake

This weekend Georgia, N and I went up to Pinantan Lake to visit my aunt and uncle. It is this tiny town just outside of Kamloops up in the mountains with no cell service and one general store.

They live right on the lake and although it was pretty cloudy most of the time and there was a huge thunderstorm the day we left, we had an awesome time. Georgia had lots of new things to touch and some kitties to chase, N had some boys to talk to about rusty trucks and guns and fishing and I had a nice patio to sit and drink coffee and knit on. I had never been up there before so it was really nice to have a chance to see everyone.


Besides going up for a visit, we also went up to bring my aunt some gold. She makes jewellery and specializes in repairs and recycling. She is going to melt down all of our gold (most of which is from my grandma's old jewellery store) and make our wedding rings. I think it is such a neat idea to have this stuff that never gets worn and has been sitting in my jewellery box for ages turned into something awesome. I'm not sure when they will be done or exactly what they will look like but I am suupperr excited to see what happens.