I'm ready

I don't know why, but the end of August always seems soooo busy! I guess because everyone is trying to pack in all the things they were planning on doing but never got a chance to, so it all happens in the last two weeks. 

In the past few weeks we've been to Pinantan twice, camping, lots of visiting (my mom has been up from Philadelphia), shopping,  playing, cleaning, swimming, and today was my brother's birthday at the lake. Nothing big, just the famjam hanging out and eating cold fried chicken. It was nice too because it wasn't super sunny. I mean it wasn't cloudy either, but all the smoke from the forest fires blocked out the sun so it wasn't as stinkin' hot as it has been. 

But no matter how nice today was, I am extremely excited for fall. Tonight I've decided to pretend. I'm going to make some tea, find something on Netflix and knit some stuff.