Not Again

So it happened. Again. 

At the end of September all of us (Me + Katie + brother + boyfriends + babies) are flying to North Carolina to visit with the east coast family. J and I will be staying from the 19th to the 26th, and Katie and P will be driving up to my mom's house in Phillidelphia and staying for an extra week. They come home on the 3rd of October. What is the 3rd of October? Why, that's the first day of Knit City

Last year this exact same thing happened. Katie booked a trip to visit mom right during the market. Then she had to pay an extra $200 to get her on an earlier flight so she could be there. I get it though, Knit City is just so different from the other markets we do - it's not a Christmas Market so it happens so much earlier than the others and yeah, we kind of forget about it. It just sneaks up on us too, like summersummersummersummersummerseptemberKNITCITY. Pretty much exactly like that.

Anyway, this year since she'll only be missing the one day, they're not going to change their flight and I think I'm totally ok with that. I'll drop Georgia off somewhere Friday morning, drive to Vancouver and set up and then have Katie's whole house all to myself for an entire night! It's going to be pretty wonderful, actually. I can just relax with girly movies and chocolate bars and maybe even paint my fingernails or something. And at the market itself, we share a booth with our friends from London Fields Shoppe so there will still be peeps around if I need to pee or eat or something.

So if you come by and see me all alone, come and say hi! (and maybe bring me a snack!)