This week is a little different - I have a theme. 

Since Knit City is sneaking it's way upon us, I've been pretty focused on getting things all ready to go.  Especially since I'll be gone for a week in the middle of September and will only have five days after that, and I'll be  setting up all alone for day 1, I want everything to be easy and ready to go. And while I've been focused, I've been instagramming, so, you know, here are some of those in case you missed them.

I know these ones aren't exactly Knit City related, but I've been sitting on these socks for way too long and to have them finished is very exciting for me. I love this yarn so much (from local hand dyer Pirates Yarrrn) that I wanted them to be perfect and frogged three different complete socks until I finally decided on these ones.

I also decided to knit myself something to wear this year. I had this Malabrigo yarn that I bought on a whim and it has been staring at me for awhile. Again, after many failed first attempts I decided to just do something super simple and stick with something that works, there's a reason there's over 8,000 projects on Ravelry! Here is my Age of Brass and Steam.

It's since been completed, and I even got to wear it today because it finally started raining, but no pictures yet.  

And finally, something actually about Knit City!! Last weekend I drove to Walnut Grove to pick up wool for out new hat kits. I think these are going to be pretty amazing and I'm really excited about them. They're going to a sort of Choose Your Own Adventure kit and these are going to be the available colours. 

And here they are on a cute little swatch with my cactus.