The Etsy Breakup

The other day Katie and I made the tough decision to stop listing on Etsy. 

Don't get me wrong, Etsy is a fantastic ecommerce site and when we were selling our actual physical scarves and things, we did great but with the switch to patterns - not so much.

Pip&Pin featured on the front page of the Etsy website and in one of their email newsletters.

It's not Etsy's fault though. It's just not the right venue for us anymore and it's tough because Etsy is where we started.  It's just too much work to keep up a shop there without being able to hit our target audiences. With more and more sites like Ravelry it just doens't make sense to put so much effort into something that's not working and I think we will be looking into listing more on Loveknitting (a more UK based knitting website) and Craftsy (a catch-all do-it-yourself site).

As for our kits - I'm not sure yet. We may list them here, or Craftsy, or maybe once we get a few more going we'll open up shop on Etsy again. Who knows! But for now, we'll be letting our listings slowly expire and dwindle and fade away, so if there's anything there that you had your eye on, now would be the time!

Until we meet again Etsy!