Beach Day Photo Shoot

So before Katie had to head off back to work after her Maternity Leave we decided we needed to take the kiddos to the beach. (Great thing about the Vancouver - the beach is still an option even if it's the middle of January!) I made Katie and Lennin some sweaters for Christmas, and have a new hat pattern in the works so we decided that it should also be a knit wear photo shoot day! 

We packed up the kids, made a picnic lunch and headed out.  It was a little cold, but Georgia had a ton of fun chasing the birds, Lennin was content eating the sand and we managed to get awesome shots of some sweaters, some scarves and some hats. 

Needless to say, the days of the indoor photo shoot have quickly come to an end. I used to think doing outdoor shoots was too hard because we had to coordinate our schedules (and the kids naps!), wait for some good weather, and then what if they didn't turn out?! We had to do it all again?!

But I've realized something very obvious about self-publishing knitting designs - I don't have a deadline. If the photos don't turn out, then yeah, have another picnic and shoot it again! I think now that I finally fully realized this I can take more time with things to be more satisfied with the outcome and have much more fun with the process.

What we're wearing
  Grey and Multicolor Hat - Pom Pom Ski Hat (Pip & Pin)

  White Scarf - Basic Button Cowl (Pip & Pin) (modified)
  Black Sweater - Grace (Jane Richmond)
  Black and Blue Sweater - Garland Sweater / Vimpelgenser (Anna & Heidi Pickles)
  Black, White and Blue Sweater - Lush (Tin Can Knits)
  Black and White Sweater - Lush (Tin Can Knits)
  Purple Sweater - Il Grande Favorito (Isabell Kraemer)
Fair Isle Hat - coming soon