Flax Scrap Roundup

Sometime last week I decided the Georgia needed a Valentine's Day Sweater. Why? I don't know. I'm not a particular fan of it or anything, but maybe just because I wanted to make something quick and pink? Either way, I whipped up a little Flax Sweater and used up some of my wool ends in the process. 

I really love the pattern, it's simple without being boring and has a killer neckline, but for every other aspect I pretty much just went against everything I believe in. From the colours, to the stripes, to the variegated yarn that was bought on a whim, nothing was what I would ever really do if I was planning a sweater. But I just went with it. Those were the colours I had that kind of went together and while there was certainly a point where I thought "this is absolutely ridiculous, I should just frog the whole thing", I carried on. 

And I'm in freaking love. 

What I was sure was going look like the hodge-podge mess from grandma on Christmas that gets wore once and then lives at the bottom of the closet turned into, well, a hodge-podge mess. But a hodge-podge mess with a wicked  80's vibe. Throw Georgia onto the set of The Goonies or E.T. and you would never know the difference! It turned out way cooler then I thought it would and while I could never pull off a pink and purple, 3/4 sleeve, tunic length, horizontally striped pullover while wearing a kitty hat, Georgia is two and she can pretty much make anything work. 

And see that dirty bum/face/hands? That was from the giant mud puddle she fell into not two minutes after we got there. Not to worry though, both baby and sweater recovered swiftly. (And we had extra jammies in the car.)

See all the photos and yarn details on my Ravelry Project Page.