Pretty Ravelry Projects

It wasn't until last year that I really started to utilize Ravelry's Projects section (where you can catalogue all your knits, along with notes, pictures, yarn and whatever other information you want to include) and I find myself loving it more and more all the time. 

At first, it was really just to show off my very first sweater, Colonel Henley that I made N for Christmas. Then I posted some projects of Pip & Pin designs so my testers could have some pictures to see, and my (on hiatus) sock project socks. Now that I have been knitting more stuff outside of things to sell I am falling in love.

After adding all the pictures in from our beach photo shoot I decided that I want to commit some more effort to making my project pages beautiful because it makes me extremely happy to look back at some of the things I created and having pretty pictures makes it that much better. I see many more Pip & Pin and non-Pip & Pin related photo shoots in the future. 

Check out my Ravelry Project Page to see them all!