About Those Kinks...

Hey! It's been awhile!

Last January I basically declared that Pip & Pin was going to stop knitting and, well, that's kind of half true.  I think we've picked a couple of new and exciting things to focus on aside from knitting, but are still knit-centric.

We've been working on our patterns and I've finally figured out Ravelry.  Even though there's only one pattern up so far, there will be more soon.   Promise.

We're in the process of putting together knitting kits which will include everything you could possibly need to create your very own Pip&Pin creations and theeeen there's still a few more super secret projects we're dabbling in as well.  (I don't really want to say because, knowing us, we'll half start some of them and then there will be people knocking down our doors because we got everyone sososoo excited and then we didn't follow through.  Hah!)

So yes, this chapter of Pip&Pin is slowly closing (we will still be selling the remainder of our stock this year, but won't be creating anything new) but New! Exciting!  Things!

(Also, parentheses! And exclamation points!)


I'll try to not be so random with my posts in the future as well.  Maybe I'll only wait 2 months in between posts next time.