April Challenge

Hello!  As I mentioned a couple days ago, Katie and I are going to start setting monthly challenges for ourselves, to start making more inventory. As it's April First, it's time to announce our very first one.  (It's also my mom's birthday today, so happy birthday mom!)

Well... I'm actually not going to announce it.  This month Katie chose the challenge and it's a new product she has been working on, and she doesn't really want to share until they are ready to go up in the shop, so you'll have to wait until the end of April to see what they are.  But I did take some macro pictures of a few finished ones.  Can you tell what they are?!

Hey, it's like that game they used to have (or still have?) in the back of Highlighter magazines?  Was it Highlighter or some other kids magazine?  I don't remember but I know I was really terrible at them!  Too bad the answer's not going to be written upside down at the end of this post.  You'll just have to wait and see!

Anywho... the challenge is to make five "big ones" and ten "little ones".  At the end of the month when you actually get to find out what we are making, we'll also be having another contest giving some away.  So yeah, that's exciting.

Have a great weekend!