a month of craft photos

Day Three

A Month of Craft Photos Day Three - An Old Finished Object

My red slouch hat - one of the very first hats that I learned how to make.  I remember I was living and working up at the Manning Park Ski Resort and we barely had the internet.  Whenever I would go home I would always try to find a pattern for the perfect hat, but I never ended up finding one so I designed one myself instead.  I also had a dark olive green one with a diamond pattern on it and I wore these things pretty much everyday!  Especially when I was working on the ski hill and I was actually allowed to wear them to work.

There was a little bit of time between the summer and winter seasons when there was no work for me, but I was still living up there anyway.  I was super broke - like broke broke, not enough money for groceries broke - and I would trade dinner and leftovers for a knit hat.  I got some goooood meals that fall.

Day Two

A Month of Craft Photos Day Two - Craft Tools Hah!  Day Two.  Only three weeks later, that's not so bad.

And here you can see the wonderful organization that is my craft tools.  There's kind of  a little bit of everything in that handy little box.  I always mean to organize better but I never really get around to it.  Chaos - that's my thing.

Day One

This is not my first rodeo.  This blog has actually changed sites two or three times before finding its permanent home here, and if I know anything about my personal blogging style it is that it's sporadic.
I am just not that great at posting everyday with consistent topics.  Hey, at least I know that.  Now I will try and fix it!
The other day I stumbled upon A Month of Craft Photos, a neat little photography project that will share a bit of myself and my knitting with you.  I think having some prompts on what to post will be a wonderful thing for me.

Now, I am not a crazy person and I know myself a little too well to actually believe that I will be able to do this every single day consistently, so honestly I'm not going to try.  But I assure you, one day this list will be complete in full, in order.  It may just become "A Month (or two or three) of Craft Photos"
So here I am, Day One, Me in Action.