May Challenge

A new month, a new challenge! This month is all about small things; I chose for us to make thirty little bows each.  These can be turned into whatever.  I like attaching them to hair clips and I know Katie likes to attach them to pins, so we'll end up with a nice variety I think.


Really, making thirty isn't that big of deal as they are pretty quick, but we're actually going to have to cut this month short!  Near the end of May, on the 22nd, Katie and I are going to go down to Philadelphia to visit our mom and we won't be back until June 9th.  So that's only like three weeks to get it done.  Still a challenge.


April Challenge - Giveaway

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So it is the end of April and that means that end of our very first Challenge.  Now this one was a little bit different than what they will usually be like, because it was all secretive-like.

But it is a secret no longer!  The Challenge was to make extra large friendship bracelet bangles.  When Katie was little she was absolutely obsessed with making friendship bracelets using embroidery floss.  She would teach anyone who came over how to make them, and I believe she was the one who taught me too.  Our mom would always end up finding half finished ones safety pinned to everything: chairs, couch cushions, pillows, pairs of pants, the backseat of the car; anything you could attach a pin to was fair game.  Tweaking the design and materials a bit she came up with these.

Our challenge was to make five big ones and ten little ones each.  Did we complete it?  Well... mostly.

Katie ran out of time and had a couple that weren't totally done.  Winding in the ends is the most time consuming part of making them, and in my opinion the most annoying and the reason why I pretty much hated this challenge.

All in all though, I say success!

Good news for you, because that means it's giveaway time.  Yes we are going to be sending someone this friendship bangle, a perfect accessory for spring.

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//This giveaway is closed//

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April Challenge

Hello!  As I mentioned a couple days ago, Katie and I are going to start setting monthly challenges for ourselves, to start making more inventory. As it's April First, it's time to announce our very first one.  (It's also my mom's birthday today, so happy birthday mom!)

Well... I'm actually not going to announce it.  This month Katie chose the challenge and it's a new product she has been working on, and she doesn't really want to share until they are ready to go up in the shop, so you'll have to wait until the end of April to see what they are.  But I did take some macro pictures of a few finished ones.  Can you tell what they are?!

Hey, it's like that game they used to have (or still have?) in the back of Highlighter magazines?  Was it Highlighter or some other kids magazine?  I don't remember but I know I was really terrible at them!  Too bad the answer's not going to be written upside down at the end of this post.  You'll just have to wait and see!

Anywho... the challenge is to make five "big ones" and ten "little ones".  At the end of the month when you actually get to find out what we are making, we'll also be having another contest giving some away.  So yeah, that's exciting.

Have a great weekend!

Under Pressure

A good discovery was made while Katie and I were completing our first wholesale order - we do quite well with a little bit of pressure.  15 hats each in two and a half weeks?!  It seemed a little impossible, but we did it.  Had there not been any deadline, we would have never made thirty hats!  Who makes thirty hats?  But it was so awesome having so much of one thing and it just being there.  I don't really know how to explain it... I mean we do have quite a bit of inventory but a lot of it is so random.  Four or five of this, four or five of that. I think what it is, is we just get a little bored, or are just a little too creative.  We'll perfect the design of something, make a couple of them while they are fresh in our mind and we're still excited about them but then we think of an even better thing to create so we spend time to make a new design of that and then make a couple while they are still fresh in our mind and we're still excited about them, and so the cycle goes.

I am not knocking creativity or making new designs, but we spend so much time thinking of new things to do that we don't really spend enough time doing the things that already work.  I'm confusing.  And rambling.

The point is:

Starting on April 1st (Happy Birthday Mom!) we are going to be setting monthly challenges for ourselves.  Alternating months, one of us will pick a set number of one thing that we have to complete.  Like "make 20 button cowls" or "make 30 hats" (Hah!)  No matter what else we have going on that month, work, orders, markets, we make an effort to complete the challenge.  We may fail.  But I'll be posting the challenges here the first of every month, and the results at the end, so there's some accountability.  If we fail, internet humiliation - the ultimate shame!

So stay tuned to find out what our April challenge is going to be!

And here's a picture of our order success that I forgot to post earlier (even though it's kind of the best one!)