Outdoor Adventures

Right now at Katie's work there is a tourism challenge going on that gives her (plus one) the opportunity to go to all sorts of Vancouver tourist attractions for free.  At each attraction she can collect a stamp , or two or three depending on how far away it is, and at the end of the challenge if she has 15 stamps she gets a pass for the whole year!   And these are some cool things to do.  Most of them I haven't even done, even though I've lived here my whole life.  There's all these museums and gardens and just crazy stuff that you would never think of doing... or they are a little too expensive to do (which is more often the case).  Since we're going away for a couple weeks on the 22nd, and the challenge ends at the end of May, she has been dashing around like mad to get the year pass. Since she was out for a visit the past few days we decided to cross a couple off the list and we couldn't have picked a better day.  The weather was absolutely beautiful.

First on the list was Minter Gardens - 2 stamps.

Then we drove a bit and went to Hell's Gate - 3 stamps We got to take a tram across the canyon and 500 ft. down, where a restaurant, a suspension bridge, gold panning and a fudge shop awaited us.

We didn't get to stay too too long at each place... the girls night we had on Thursday made for a bit of a late start... but we can always go back once Katie gets the pass for the whole year.

Toques (We're Canadian)

Today Katie and I sent out our first "big" order.  30 hats, off to Australia!  Since we each did half, it was really neat to see all 30 of them together. So neat in fact, we had to take some pictures... and make a gif!

A lot of things were learned today:

  1. We are both pretty good under pressure, and will be using this to our advantage soon
  2. The United States doesn't like it if you try to use their postal service
  3. Shipping from Canada is expensive
  4. My scale is totally wrong
  5. Shipping from Canada is expensive
More on that later though, time for bed.  Good night!