inspiration thursday

Things on Thursday

Today's shape is... triangles! I don't know why but I am pretty obsessed with them right now.  I just like how tough they look, very angular.

I'm working on a pattern for a quilt-like scrap yarn pillow cover so I've just been making triangle after triangle after triangle.  You would think I would be sick of them by now but... nope.

Here's some of my favorite things

ohmyhomegallery / Make Each Day Count the 807 / Large Triangle Shelf / Geometric Shelf II / Triangle Shadow Box Set of 3 wren & rumor / Charcoal Triangle Baby Blanket sewnnatural / Minimalist Organic Baby Blanket unknown*

I don't know how three blankets made it onto the list, but there you have it.  I actually have a baby blanket that Katie got for Georgia that has triangles on it too... hmmm...

*if anyone knows where these images come from please let me know so I can link properly