Knitting and Camping

Last weekend the Pip & Pin team (plus men and babies) packed up and went camping! 

Though, according to some, we were not "real" camping, as we stayed in a little cabin and were not entirely exposed to the wild wilderness. But I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed having running water, a clean, dry bed, a wood-burning fireplace, a toilet, a fridge and a roof. (The roof really came in handy while it poured rain all of Saturday night.)

While we were enjoying our trip Katie and I did what we always do when we are out and about some place pretty, we took pictures. Lots of pictures. Lots of pictures for new Pip & Pin patterns. Unfortunately for you, they are mostly all on Katie's camera and I don't have them yet so you will have to be satisfied with a tiny teaser of some squishy knits to come.

And of course, our favourite backdrop of the day was the white wall of the camp site bathrooms... 


Out takes

Since I'm in the process of revamping some of our patterns, and working on some new ones, it's time for product photography again.  Hooray!  My favorite! (hah!) At least this time around I'm (mostly) not the model.  I just gotta say, taking pictures of babies is waaaaay more fun.











An American Adventure pt. 1

About two years ago Katie and I had planned a huge trip down to Oregon to stay at some awesome boutique hotels in Portland, go to the sand dunes on the coast and basically do a big loop down the coast and back up through Seattle. It was going to be amazing! We had everything all planned out and booked for our two week excursion to some cool places, but then something happened. I don't remember exactly, but I think it had something to do with one or both of us realizing that we just didn't have the money for it and it, sadly, got cancelled. But have no fear! We finally did do our road trip, just a little abbreviated. We spent four days driving around the coast of Washington (and a little bit Oregon), sleeping in the back of the jeep most nights and having camp fires on beaches. It was an awesome trip and we found some really cool places that we will definitely be going back to. We, as usual, took an obscene amount of pictures between the two of us but, as usual, neither of us has edited any of them yet. But here's some Instagramers in the meantime.

















Triangles and Circles

When Katie and I were vacationing in North Carolina and Philadelphia we, as usual, took a lot of pictures.  At some point I guess we were lounging on the beach being bums and decided to make our logo out of... stuff.  Pretty much everything on the beach became triangles and circles and here they are for your viewing pleasure.

I think the one with our hands (mine is the one with the blue nail polish, Katie's is the pink) or the one with the sunglasses is my favorite.  What's yours?

Outdoor Adventures

Right now at Katie's work there is a tourism challenge going on that gives her (plus one) the opportunity to go to all sorts of Vancouver tourist attractions for free.  At each attraction she can collect a stamp , or two or three depending on how far away it is, and at the end of the challenge if she has 15 stamps she gets a pass for the whole year!   And these are some cool things to do.  Most of them I haven't even done, even though I've lived here my whole life.  There's all these museums and gardens and just crazy stuff that you would never think of doing... or they are a little too expensive to do (which is more often the case).  Since we're going away for a couple weeks on the 22nd, and the challenge ends at the end of May, she has been dashing around like mad to get the year pass. Since she was out for a visit the past few days we decided to cross a couple off the list and we couldn't have picked a better day.  The weather was absolutely beautiful.

First on the list was Minter Gardens - 2 stamps.

Then we drove a bit and went to Hell's Gate - 3 stamps We got to take a tram across the canyon and 500 ft. down, where a restaurant, a suspension bridge, gold panning and a fudge shop awaited us.

We didn't get to stay too too long at each place... the girls night we had on Thursday made for a bit of a late start... but we can always go back once Katie gets the pass for the whole year.

Day Three

A Month of Craft Photos Day Three - An Old Finished Object

My red slouch hat - one of the very first hats that I learned how to make.  I remember I was living and working up at the Manning Park Ski Resort and we barely had the internet.  Whenever I would go home I would always try to find a pattern for the perfect hat, but I never ended up finding one so I designed one myself instead.  I also had a dark olive green one with a diamond pattern on it and I wore these things pretty much everyday!  Especially when I was working on the ski hill and I was actually allowed to wear them to work.

There was a little bit of time between the summer and winter seasons when there was no work for me, but I was still living up there anyway.  I was super broke - like broke broke, not enough money for groceries broke - and I would trade dinner and leftovers for a knit hat.  I got some goooood meals that fall.

Day Two

A Month of Craft Photos Day Two - Craft Tools Hah!  Day Two.  Only three weeks later, that's not so bad.

And here you can see the wonderful organization that is my craft tools.  There's kind of  a little bit of everything in that handy little box.  I always mean to organize better but I never really get around to it.  Chaos - that's my thing.

Some Planets

The sky has been amazing lately!  It's been super clear and lovely these past couple days, and the other night I noticed a couple of ridiculously bright stars in the west.  I mean really, really bright stars. Google told me that they were Venus and Jupiter.  (The top one is Venus, the one in the middle is Jupiter, and then there's the moon in there too)

The view from my patio.  Not the greatest photography, but there was so much light everywhere!  And stupid bushes!

After I exhausted by battery trying to get a decent shot from my house I decided I wanted something better so I took a drive to the flats to see if I could get somewhere less light polluted but there were all these things in the way everywhere.  I then drove up to the top of the mountain and the view was absolutely spectacular!... but the moon had set already.  The planets still looked brilliant but it just wasn't the same.

Apparently you'll be able to see these like this for a little while longer so maybe I will be able to catch it tomorrow.

Day One

This is not my first rodeo.  This blog has actually changed sites two or three times before finding its permanent home here, and if I know anything about my personal blogging style it is that it's sporadic.
I am just not that great at posting everyday with consistent topics.  Hey, at least I know that.  Now I will try and fix it!
The other day I stumbled upon A Month of Craft Photos, a neat little photography project that will share a bit of myself and my knitting with you.  I think having some prompts on what to post will be a wonderful thing for me.

Now, I am not a crazy person and I know myself a little too well to actually believe that I will be able to do this every single day consistently, so honestly I'm not going to try.  But I assure you, one day this list will be complete in full, in order.  It may just become "A Month (or two or three) of Craft Photos"
So here I am, Day One, Me in Action.