January Pattern: Cranbrook

Keeping with my goal of publishing one pattern a month, Cranbrook went live a few days ago. 

It's a quick and easy hat that is knit in the round from the bottom up. I've been working on a few larger projects recently and just wanted something that would fly off the needles! And show off this yarn - Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Hayloft. I got it while on a trip to Philadelphia to visit my mom and I've been itching to use it.

From now until Friday, January 27, 2017 it is 25% on Ravelry. You don't need a coupon code, the discount is automatically applied when you check out. 

Also last week I got something that will, hopefully, help me stick to my goals and better balance life in general. It's a Passion Planner and I'm kind of in love. It is a day planner (which to be honest, it could have stopped there. I love stationary) but it is set up for, and teaches you how to, set goals. Life goals, Yearly goals, Daily goals - it's all in there. Plus some quotes and lots of blank space so everything can all be in one place. I've really only had it a week so I can't tell you how effective it actually is, but I've heard lots of great reviews and am excited to really start using it more. I hope it will help me better manage my time, and to keep better balance between work, family, friends, and keeping the house a non-disaster and everyone relatively well-fed. This totally sounds like an advertisement, but it's not! I just get jazzed about day planners. 

Speaking of goals, I actually wrote about some of my knitting goals back in August 2015. I hadn't really thought about them, but looking back I've completed almost all of them, and am on the way with some of the others. You can read the full post here, but here's the cliff notes:
1. Get yarn support - still haven't done this one, but I am planning to and it doesn't scare me anymore
2. Get published - That has happened. Quite a few times now, actually! 
3. Write a book - this one hasn't happened either but, again, there are plans brewing
4. Design a sweater - This one has also happened, and this was, I thought, my least attainable goal!

It's really awesome to be able to look back and say, "hey! I did those things that I thought I never would!" and to be able to actually see the steps that have been taken. I hope that this can continue and, as much as I said I didn't like them, maybe there's something to New Years Resolutions after all. 

Pattern Release! Really Big Cowl

Hey lookie here!  Another new pattern! This cowl was entirely inspired by the yarn that it's made of.   Bernat's Really Big - a ridiculously soft and silky 100% acrylic yarn.  Real yarn-y people have come up to us at shows and asked what it is made of and no one could believe it was acrylic.  It's that good.

To show it off we created a fairly easy pattern using giant needles that will knit up super quick.

And, you guessed it - It's on sale!


Purchase it from Ravelry, add it to your project pages and show us what you got.

Also available in our Etsy shop.



Leap Year Fun Facts

Happy Leap Year!

As we all know, the leap year occurs because the calendar is all messed up, so every four years we get an extra day.  But did you also know...
  • In fifth-century Ireland on February 29th women were allowed to go against tradition and propose to their significant others.  In 1288 Scotland supposedly made the tradition a law and any man who declined a proposal in a leap year had to pay a fine ranging from a kiss to payment for a silk dress or a pair of gloves.
  • Greek superstition says bad luck will come to any couple married in a leap year.  Apparently one in five engaged couples will avoid planning their wedding during a leap year.
  • Sweden once had an extra leap day on February 30th, 1712.  (Don't ask me how or why...)
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