things on thursday

Things on Thursday

Since Knit City a couple weeks ago, I've been in full swing knit mode.  Well, not as full swing as the past couple years, but as full swing as I can do right now. Today's things are all about knitting.  Things I covet for my stash, materials I need, some pattern inspirations and just some pretty stuff to look at.

Molly Makes / Designer Focus: Molla Mills, crochet pattern designer Cultured Purl Society / Bubble Wrap Stitch Rain City Knits / Babycakes DK Sampler Pack The Weekly Stitch / Knot Stitch Pumora / Wooden Knitting Needle Gauge Addi / Addi Interchangable Needle Set Katrinkles / Hedgehog Knitting Needle Gauge unknown* 

The other day N. was asking what I wanted for Christmas this year and I told him a set of Addi Needles.  He didn't believe me, but it would be awesome to have a set of interchangeables.  Does anyone else use them?  Or a different brand?  This would be my first set of interchangeables and I know I would use them a ton so I want them to be good, no matter how much they cost.  Any advice?

*if anyone know where these images originated from, please let me know so I can link properly


Things on Thursday

So even though on Halloween we will not be going anywhere or doing anything particularly exciting, and since we live in an apartment we won't even get any cute little trick or treaters, I still want to dress Georgia up as something, even if we just go out to the grocery store.  I'm all about home-made Halloween costumes but you have to get inspiration from somewhere right?

kidhub / Dinosaur/Dragon Sweatshirt and Tail thinkyoucan / How to Train Your Dragon Toothless Costume wildthingsdresses / Polar Bear Girls Dress / Cat Cape Halloween Costume awesomesaucedesigns / Buritto Baby Blanket sawdustowl / Child's Bat Costume thevelvetacorn / Knitting Pattern, Fairlynn Fox Cowl / Crochet Pattern, Baylie Bear Cowl 

I am whole heartedly in love with all of The Velvet Acorn's knitting and crochet patterns and will definitely be making Georgia some cowls for the winter, not just Halloween.  And maybe not this year because she's too little but the Toothless costume kills me!  In case you didn't know, How to Train Your Dragon is the greatest animated movie ever made.  He's a dragon that acts like a kitty.  How is that not great?  And the costume even has the little broken tail.  Seriously, go watch the movie and just tell me I'm wrong.

What are your little ones being for Halloween this year?  (And was it your choice or theirs?)