Thrift Store Thursday

I recently moved to a new condo, which is almost right downtown.  I absolutely love it!  I can walk to pretty much anywhere I need to go.  Today, I needed milk.  On my way there I decided to stop at the thrift store and although it is not my absolute favorite one, I did find some lovely things.
One - More wool.... ehhh, whoops?  It was only three dollars though so I am justified.
Two - Some plain white mugs for a super secret project I am working on.
Three - A lovely, floaty short sleeved cardigan.  Well, not really a cardigan, more like a vest?  But with some sleeves?  I don't know what to call it but I love it.  I actually have another one of these in black.
Four - I know winter is almost over but this camel colored, oversized fisherman's sweater just called to me.  And it looked super cute with the button-up shirt I was wearing when I tried it on.  In the basket it went.


How to Thrift

Thifting (vb.) - The act of going to a Thrift Store and finding some amazing things that no one else will ever have, and buying them for cheap

I absolutely love thifting!  I usually go at least three or four times a month, sometimes even having "thrifting days" where I will go to every single (good) thrift store in Abbotsford.  There's about five that I regularly frequent, and one of them is split into two buildings, so we'll say six.  Six thrift stores in one day.  It's a long, though rewarding, adventure.

But how can you thrift effectively?  Where do you start?  Who do you bring?  How do you keep your energy up?

Well, Kristy will tell you exactly what you need to do, eat, wear, bring, in her "Thrifting: The Master Class" post on  She tells you everything you need to know to become an expert thrifter.

Everyone relaxes in different ways. Some people bake cookies. Some go for a run. Others take a bubble bath.

I go thrifting.

To me, there’s nothing like wandering the aisles of a thrift store, idly letting my fingers brush the racks of sweaters, feeling for wool and cashmere and fuzzy angora. I crave the thrill of the hunt, the adrenaline rush of a major score, the pair of really odd shoes from the ’80s that no one else will have, ever.

Shopping at a thrift store isn’t easy like going to a department store—it’s work. That’s what I like about it. I like the digging. I like leaving with something special that was really cheap and looks awesome, then having someone freak out on me, going, “OMIGOD I LOVE your shirt, WHERE did you get it???” and casually tossing out, “Thrift store,” and have them frown and go, “Oh.”

You paid $30 for your vintage-look ’80s band T-shirt? Too bad, sucka…the one I’m wearing is real, came pre-softened, and was 90 cents.

But listen, frowning person and fake-vintage-T-shirt wearer: I’m not here to feel smugly superior to you. I’m here to help! Never been thrifting before? Not sure where to start? NO WORRIES. Me and my two skilled thrifting friends Jen and Kate will be your Guide to All Things Used.


It's tough work!  I myself have fallen prey to some thrift store no-nos.  See the section on knowing your shopping companions.  You think it doesn't matter who you bring with you - wrong!  There have been many thrift store trips cut short because of bored/tired/hungry/grumpy people and it's really not fun.

Oh oh!  And buying things that I am going to "fix".  I never fix things.  They sit in a box or bag in my closet for months before I even remember that I bought them.  I eventually move them closer to my sewing machine in hopes I will get around to doing alterations, forget about them again and within about a year they have been recycled back to the same thrift store I bought them from, untouched.

So whether you are a seasoned veteran, have never been to a thrift store in your life, or somewhere in between, be sure to check out this funny and true article.  Thrifting: The Master Class