Nodecker and Meg + 1

Last weekend was a little bit bittersweet. 

J and I decided it was time to get rid of our old tent trailer. It was a 1983 Bonair with orange stripes that had originally been his grandpa's, then was his brother's, and became ours about 4 years ago. This thing was ooooold. 

One of our first trips to Weaver Lake

One of our first trips to Weaver Lake

When we first got it, we set it up in an empty lot beside one of our friend's houses and spent about 8 hours cleaning it up, organizing everything and sewing up all the holes in the canvas (there were a lot). We got some of those gold house letters from the hardware store and posted "Nodecker and Meg" on the back. (The +1 was added a little later).

By the end there were countless rips (though only one really big one), one of the side zippers had busted and we had a towel hung up keep out the bugs, the door didn't work properly and if you didn't close it just right the whole thing would pop out and one of the pullys in one of the corners snapped so one side sagged like crazy. But, the heater and stove worked so we could take it out in the winter, it could be covered in a tarp to keep the rain off aaand it kept most of the bugs out. 

Me and the tent trailer when the door still worked, drinking a Baileys and coffee

Me and the tent trailer when the door still worked, drinking a Baileys and coffee

I think the main reason we decided to get rid of it is because we don't have anywhere to put it. It was being stored at one of J's friend's houses, but they are moving soon. Since it wasn't at our place, we couldn't just pop it up to take a peek inside and see what was there, we couldn't clean it out after, or leave it set up to dry if it was wet. And for the weekend trips that we do, it's a pretty big hassle to pick it up, set it up, take it down and drop it off again. 

So from now on tenting it is. We took out all of our stuff and boxed it up, gave it a sweep and posted it free on Craigslist and it still has the "Nodecker and Meg +1" on the back.

Pinantan Lake

This weekend Georgia, N and I went up to Pinantan Lake to visit my aunt and uncle. It is this tiny town just outside of Kamloops up in the mountains with no cell service and one general store.

They live right on the lake and although it was pretty cloudy most of the time and there was a huge thunderstorm the day we left, we had an awesome time. Georgia had lots of new things to touch and some kitties to chase, N had some boys to talk to about rusty trucks and guns and fishing and I had a nice patio to sit and drink coffee and knit on. I had never been up there before so it was really nice to have a chance to see everyone.


Besides going up for a visit, we also went up to bring my aunt some gold. She makes jewellery and specializes in repairs and recycling. She is going to melt down all of our gold (most of which is from my grandma's old jewellery store) and make our wedding rings. I think it is such a neat idea to have this stuff that never gets worn and has been sitting in my jewellery box for ages turned into something awesome. I'm not sure when they will be done or exactly what they will look like but I am suupperr excited to see what happens. 


An American Adventure pt. 1

About two years ago Katie and I had planned a huge trip down to Oregon to stay at some awesome boutique hotels in Portland, go to the sand dunes on the coast and basically do a big loop down the coast and back up through Seattle. It was going to be amazing! We had everything all planned out and booked for our two week excursion to some cool places, but then something happened. I don't remember exactly, but I think it had something to do with one or both of us realizing that we just didn't have the money for it and it, sadly, got cancelled. But have no fear! We finally did do our road trip, just a little abbreviated. We spent four days driving around the coast of Washington (and a little bit Oregon), sleeping in the back of the jeep most nights and having camp fires on beaches. It was an awesome trip and we found some really cool places that we will definitely be going back to. We, as usual, took an obscene amount of pictures between the two of us but, as usual, neither of us has edited any of them yet. But here's some Instagramers in the meantime.

















Triangles and Circles

When Katie and I were vacationing in North Carolina and Philadelphia we, as usual, took a lot of pictures.  At some point I guess we were lounging on the beach being bums and decided to make our logo out of... stuff.  Pretty much everything on the beach became triangles and circles and here they are for your viewing pleasure.

I think the one with our hands (mine is the one with the blue nail polish, Katie's is the pink) or the one with the sunglasses is my favorite.  What's yours?

In Philly

Right now, at this moment, I am sitting on my mom's couch in Philadelphia and Katie is asleep in the guest room.  After a looong day of travelling we finally arrived a couple days ago.  We got to spend a bit of time at the Horse Show in Devon and shopping downtown.  Tomorrow morning (like, morning morning... 6AM morning) we're going to be driving down to North Carolina to stay at the beach for a week, then coming back here to hang out some more. The best part?  Our mom has an iphone and we juiced it up with Instgram and will be stealing it periodically to take pictures and tweet them.


Tweet?!  Yes, tweet.  The only reason we never really do it is because neither of us has a smart phone... I don't even own a regular cell phone.  So for the next couple of weeks you'll see our account explode with faux vintage photos such as these.

So start following us @pipandpin because there'll be some actual content up there and it will be awesome.