Geocache Fail

I attempted Geocaching today and failed miserably. I had heard about it awhile ago but had never tried it.  Basically people hide a log book and maybe some trinkets, upload the GPS location to the website and people try to find them.  If there it is big enough to hold things, you can trade them for things you bring yourself, of equal or greater value.

knew where the one I was looking for was, it was right down the street at a gas station/Tim Hortons/car wash.  I wanted a pumpkin doughnut anyway, so off me and Georgia went.  I was definitely in the right place but I just. couldn't. find it.  Plus it was in a pretty busy area and I felt like a bit of a nerd wandering around the entrance of the car wash with my phone out and a baby strapped to my chest.  Maybe it got stolen or lost or (most likely) I just wasn't looking hard enough, but it was pretty disappointing to go out for my first time and not find anything!

Oh well!  There's lots around my area that me and Georgia can walk to and a TON in Abbotsford alone, so I will try again another day.  Maybe I'll even go back to this one and look again.

The cool thing about Geocaching is that it's not just in "in town" locations.  There's lots in parks and forests and hiking trails and stuff, and since both me and N like to go exploring I think it would be pretty neat to go adventuring as a fam jam.

I will not be defeated!  And I'll let you know when I actually find one.