In Philly

Right now, at this moment, I am sitting on my mom's couch in Philadelphia and Katie is asleep in the guest room.  After a looong day of travelling we finally arrived a couple days ago.  We got to spend a bit of time at the Horse Show in Devon and shopping downtown.  Tomorrow morning (like, morning morning... 6AM morning) we're going to be driving down to North Carolina to stay at the beach for a week, then coming back here to hang out some more. The best part?  Our mom has an iphone and we juiced it up with Instgram and will be stealing it periodically to take pictures and tweet them.


Tweet?!  Yes, tweet.  The only reason we never really do it is because neither of us has a smart phone... I don't even own a regular cell phone.  So for the next couple of weeks you'll see our account explode with faux vintage photos such as these.

So start following us @pipandpin because there'll be some actual content up there and it will be awesome.