Things on Thursday

Summer is finally over.  I'm so excited.  I mean, I like sunshine and all but this summer was loooong.  And dry.  And just really, really hot.  I'm used to like 6 weeks of summer, maybe.  This one started in June and just wouldn't quit.  The rains finally came this week and I am so so so excited.  Drinkin' tea, snuggling inside, not feeling guilty for snuggling inside.  I'm sure I'll sing a different tune in a couple of months when I'll have a horrible case of cabin fever but for now I'm in heaven. Esspecially because colder weather = sweaters.  And I do love me some sweaters.

- Penny Arcade by Vicki Howell - I didn't think this could be true but this is a free pattern on Yarnspirations.  I've been coveting this for awhile but never really looked into it until today.  Guess I'll have to break out a crochet hook.  And learn how to crochet better.

- Kaide in Norah Gaughan, vol. 09 - Cables.  That is all.

source unknown* - And this is just a big lacy blanket you can wear out in public.  Perfect.

*If anyone knows where this originally came from, please let me know so I can link properly