Knit City

This weekend marked the very first, of many, markets that Katie and I are going to this year and it was called Knit City, a nifty little fibre arts festival.  There was so much yarn and wool and wonderful knitting goodies being thrown around everywhere, I'm surprised we left without going bankrupt!  To be fair, Katie did buy a skein of beautiful rusty orange wool, and I bought a pattern for a super rad blanket from Tin Can Knits that I absolutely have no time to do until at least January. Now, if you are ever doing any sort of market there are a few things you should always remember to bring.  One of the not-so-important-but-I-sure-do-wish-I-had-one things is a good camera.  This is something we definitely forgot.  So I apologize for the terrible pictures, but such is life.

Here are a few other things you should remember...

1. A nice cup of coffee that can be refilled at will 2. Some money to give people their change 3. A knitting project to work on so people can see what you do

It also doesn't hurt to have it all in a cute vintage suitcase - I swear we got more comments about the case than the things we were actually selling.

We also got to test out our brand new display!  It's a lot more work to set up and take down and haul around, but it looks fantastic.  I only have pictures of about half of it (I tried to get all of it, but the pictures of the best part, the clothing rack, did not turn out at all - always bring a good camera!)

And there were lots of things to do at this market, which was really awesome.  I got to see some people spinning wool, something I've always wanted to try, and right across from us was the "Felt your own owl" station.  I've also never felted before and I really, really enjoyed it!

I tried to put glasses on mine but they ended up looking more like googles so mine became an old school pilot owl.  Katie's is very scared because it's almost Halloween.

All in all it was a wonderful two days, lots of hard work, but lots and lots of fun.  We met so many awesome people and got so many ideas for new things to try.  There may possibly be knitting patterns and kits sometime soon.  Not that soon though, Make It! is only three short weeks away and I'll be knitting until my hands fall off until then.