Knitting Patterns Update

I've said that I am starting to write out more of my patterns and I am delivering!

Right now I am working on the pattern for our Extra Large Cable Scarf, I just have to finish making one to get some yardage info and then it will be allll done.


I probably should have done this before Knit City though.  We had enough room at our booth this year to set up my mannequin and we put the cream one on display as our "Hey, come and look in our awesome booth" piece.  It worked great, except that people were always asking if we had the pattern.  Which, obviously, nope.  Not yet.  I made some promises to have it ready by the end of October and I am working my butt off to finish it.

This time I'm making it in black and it is turning out fantastic.  The finished piece will be for sale when we're at Got Craft? in December, but if it doesn't sell I am totally keeping it for myself.

2014-10-13 20.09.09

So stayed tuned if you were one of the people who were asking about it, I'm on it.


*and if you noticed the mistake in the cable, yeah, I noticed it too.  Just now.