Modcloth is Making Me Sew

There is this wonderful dress from Modcloth called When the Night Comes that I really really want to get for my trip to Las Vegas in April, but, of course, it is out of stock.  (I truly love Modcloth, but seriously!  When something sells out just take it off the flipping website.  Half the site is out of stock!  Grrr...) Anyway, I started searching around to see if I could get it anywhere else and I did find a site, but it only sells size four.  Size for I am not.  I did happen to stumble on this though, a little instruction on how to make your own.

I'm not a half bad seamstress, I did manage to make my own dress for my friend's wedding a couple years ago out of some thrifted green velvet, but that was cheap and if I screwed it up it wouldn't have been a big deal to get something else.  For this I would actually have to buy new stuff, from the real store.  Based on the suggested fabrics from, that alone would be $40.00.  Plus the notions, and the pattern, and not to mention the time to make it.  The dress already made and everything is $96.00.

So I don't know what to do!  I could try to find something similar to buy, or chance it and try to make it myself.  I think I'll have more of an idea once I actually go to the fabric store and see how much everything will cost, but what to you think?


Update:  While I was looking at through Modcloth to find the link for the dress I see that they do have it back in stock.  Well, there's one.  And it's a size zero.  Bleh.