New Steps

Summertime. Wonderful, wonderful summertime.

For all the great things that summer offers - the sunshine, the drinks on the patio in said sunshine, the beaches, the random outdoor adventures - summertime is not the time for knitting.  Sad, but true.

If you couldn't tell, since our vacation in Philadelphia Katie and I have been getting a little bit lazy.  There have been no challenges (hopefully that will change soon) and neither of us has been knitting new stuff at all.  Waaaay too many distractions.   But now it's almost August.  And what comes after August?  September.  That's fall.  Already.  Just one little month separates us from that official start of the Pip&Pin season.

If that fact alone wasn't enough to give us the kick in the pants we need, we did something a little crazy today.  Now last year was the first time we did any sort of art markets and it was a wonderful experience.  Since we were so new to the whole process, we did take it a little slow.  There were a couple markets that we really wanted to get into but were just a little too intimated.  Either they were just too big, or too expensive.  With a year of experience under our belt we have decided to not be intimiated anymore and to just absolutley, whole heartedly, all or nothing, go for it.  So we applied to all of the markets we were too afraid of before.

Then came today.  We actually applied to a trade show.  A giant 20 thousand person per day, three day trade show at the end of September which will cost us about 3 times as much as anything we've ever applied for.  It's scary.  And awesome.  And ridiculous.  And I have to start knitting now.