New Stuff

I know I've been a little MIA lately, but that's because I got a couple new toys over the past few days and have been having way too much fun with them. The first item is an Addi King Size Knitting Machine that Katie and I ordered a couple weeks ago.  And it came on my birthday so that was really great!


I haven't actually made anything with it yet but I have been having a lot of fun testing things out.

The second fun thing I acquired was an iMac!  I am now a Mac convert.  I didn't really mean to be, but I got a super good deal on it so I couldn't say no.  My brother actually got it for free from a lady whose house he was working on.  It would turn on but then turn off right away again and instead of getting it fixed, she just decided to buy a new one.  (Oh, how I would love to have such disposable income!)  A couple hundred dollars later and now it's all mine!


See that on the left?  That's the computer I got as a highschool graduation gift... it's a little old.

Last night I found iMovie and accidentally spent five hours making an awesome video.  It's still not done yet, but when it is I'll be sure to share.