Some Planets

The sky has been amazing lately!  It's been super clear and lovely these past couple days, and the other night I noticed a couple of ridiculously bright stars in the west.  I mean really, really bright stars. Google told me that they were Venus and Jupiter.  (The top one is Venus, the one in the middle is Jupiter, and then there's the moon in there too)

The view from my patio.  Not the greatest photography, but there was so much light everywhere!  And stupid bushes!

After I exhausted by battery trying to get a decent shot from my house I decided I wanted something better so I took a drive to the flats to see if I could get somewhere less light polluted but there were all these things in the way everywhere.  I then drove up to the top of the mountain and the view was absolutely spectacular!... but the moon had set already.  The planets still looked brilliant but it just wasn't the same.

Apparently you'll be able to see these like this for a little while longer so maybe I will be able to catch it tomorrow.