Summer Drinks

Tonight Katie and I will be hosting a little girls night at my place and since the weather is starting to get a little bit nicer we decided to try out some summer beverages to go with it. First off:  The Mojito

Mint, rum, lime, soda.  Yum.  I'm going to be trying the recipe from Douglas Green, and I have some frozen strawberries sitting in my freezer so maybe we'll add some of those too!  I also bought a Pineapple Mint plant the other day (let's see if I can keep it alive...) so I'll use that instead of standard ol' mint.   Should be good!

In addition to the classic, Katie found some really interesting recipes from Design Sponge for some ginger themed drinks.

Don't quite know which one we're going to try yet, but I'm sure they're all great.  What one do you think would be best?