Thank You

I can not believe it.  You guys are awesome! A little over a week ago we started our free pattern promotion for the launch of our Giant Cable Scarf and the amount of people who downloaded it absolutely astounds!  I believe the final number was somewhere around 1400 unique downloads.  That's insane!

I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who downloaded, commented and favourited.  It means so much to us and I am patiently waiting to see all of your finished projects.  OK, maybe not so patiently.  I may or may not have Ravelry open at all times, refreshing to see if anyone has added any new stuff.

We would absolutely love to see your work, so make sure to start a project page in Ravelry or just email us your photos (for this pattern or any of our other ones)

If you missed this free download, don't worry!  We've decided that since this went so ridiculously well, we will be doing a little something special for every pattern release, and there will definitely be a few in the coming months.


The Giant Cable Scarf Pattern is still available on Ravelry and Etsy for $5.