Things on Thursday

Since Knit City a couple weeks ago, I've been in full swing knit mode.  Well, not as full swing as the past couple years, but as full swing as I can do right now. Today's things are all about knitting.  Things I covet for my stash, materials I need, some pattern inspirations and just some pretty stuff to look at.

Molly Makes / Designer Focus: Molla Mills, crochet pattern designer Cultured Purl Society / Bubble Wrap Stitch Rain City Knits / Babycakes DK Sampler Pack The Weekly Stitch / Knot Stitch Pumora / Wooden Knitting Needle Gauge Addi / Addi Interchangable Needle Set Katrinkles / Hedgehog Knitting Needle Gauge unknown* 

The other day N. was asking what I wanted for Christmas this year and I told him a set of Addi Needles.  He didn't believe me, but it would be awesome to have a set of interchangeables.  Does anyone else use them?  Or a different brand?  This would be my first set of interchangeables and I know I would use them a ton so I want them to be good, no matter how much they cost.  Any advice?

*if anyone know where these images originated from, please let me know so I can link properly