Thrift Store Thursday

I recently moved to a new condo, which is almost right downtown.  I absolutely love it!  I can walk to pretty much anywhere I need to go.  Today, I needed milk.  On my way there I decided to stop at the thrift store and although it is not my absolute favorite one, I did find some lovely things.
One - More wool.... ehhh, whoops?  It was only three dollars though so I am justified.
Two - Some plain white mugs for a super secret project I am working on.
Three - A lovely, floaty short sleeved cardigan.  Well, not really a cardigan, more like a vest?  But with some sleeves?  I don't know what to call it but I love it.  I actually have another one of these in black.
Four - I know winter is almost over but this camel colored, oversized fisherman's sweater just called to me.  And it looked super cute with the button-up shirt I was wearing when I tried it on.  In the basket it went.