Under Pressure

A good discovery was made while Katie and I were completing our first wholesale order - we do quite well with a little bit of pressure.  15 hats each in two and a half weeks?!  It seemed a little impossible, but we did it.  Had there not been any deadline, we would have never made thirty hats!  Who makes thirty hats?  But it was so awesome having so much of one thing and it just being there.  I don't really know how to explain it... I mean we do have quite a bit of inventory but a lot of it is so random.  Four or five of this, four or five of that. I think what it is, is we just get a little bored, or are just a little too creative.  We'll perfect the design of something, make a couple of them while they are fresh in our mind and we're still excited about them but then we think of an even better thing to create so we spend time to make a new design of that and then make a couple while they are still fresh in our mind and we're still excited about them, and so the cycle goes.

I am not knocking creativity or making new designs, but we spend so much time thinking of new things to do that we don't really spend enough time doing the things that already work.  I'm confusing.  And rambling.

The point is:

Starting on April 1st (Happy Birthday Mom!) we are going to be setting monthly challenges for ourselves.  Alternating months, one of us will pick a set number of one thing that we have to complete.  Like "make 20 button cowls" or "make 30 hats" (Hah!)  No matter what else we have going on that month, work, orders, markets, we make an effort to complete the challenge.  We may fail.  But I'll be posting the challenges here the first of every month, and the results at the end, so there's some accountability.  If we fail, internet humiliation - the ultimate shame!

So stay tuned to find out what our April challenge is going to be!

And here's a picture of our order success that I forgot to post earlier (even though it's kind of the best one!)