We're On Ravelry!

So I mentioned a little bit about figuring out Ravelry awhile ago and now I feel like an old pro!  I have all of our patterns up there (yes, all five of them.  Shut it.). And we even had our first sale a couple days ago.  I must admit it's not as exciting as hearing the cha-ching of Etsy, but there was a little bit of intrigue. I found a mysterious email from PayPal saying that so-and-so paid us $5.00 and we were now able to ship our item.  Uhhh...  huh?  Who? What item? Why? I didn't hear any ching-a-lings from either my phone or iPad and the email didn't say which website the money actually came from so it did take me a little while to remember that "Hey, I have shiz on two websites now."  Sure enough I went to check my shop and there was the sale.

I was a little bit intimidated by Ravelry at first.  First off, to make a shop and add patterns and everything is a little bit daunting if you've never done it.  I did watch a youtube video or two just because there are so many steps because you can add a pattern, it doesn't even have to be by you, and link to it and put all the information in but that doesn't mean that it's for sale on ravelry.  You have to open up a store and connect your PayPal and rah, rah, rah, it's a whole big thing.  Well, was.  I'm an old salt now.  Ask me anything.  (But not really because I might just make something up and it totally won't work).

I also think that for a long time, even though I've made patterns and sold them to people already and already sell them online and everything I didn't really think of myself as a pattern designer.  I kind of felt like a fraud.  Maybe it's because of Knit City?  The first year we were there we didn't have any patterns, just already made items and last year we had a few patterns but nothing like the other vendors' books and binders full of stuff and lovely display pieces.  But I realized awhile ago that it doesn't matter how many I have made or how complicated they are or how long they take to make, I design patterns.  I am a pattern designer and I'm going to put my stuff on Ravelry dammit!

Errmm... Yep.  So I did.  Go make something.