I got an early Christmas present in the mail, a set of Addi needles!  Yay! The yarn I ordered for N's sweater came in the mail!  Yay!

I only had to make 3 gauge swatches to get the right size needles!  Yay!

I finished the collar, shoulder saddles, and a bunch of the yoke of said sweater!  Yay!

I realized I have been purling wrong my entire life.  Uhmm... how did I not know this before?  How have a been doing something soooo basic completely wrong for over 10 years?!  Somewhere along the way I learned how to compensate for it so my stitches didn't get twisted, but I honestly thought that's just how you did it.

Unfortunately, for the pattern I'm doing my compensating skills just weren't cutting it and I knew something was wrong but I had no idea it was my purling!  Boy did my face go red when I realized what it was.  Basically instead of pulling the yarn up and over my right needle, I have been bringing it up between the needles from below and you could really notice it on the tops of the shoulders and shoulder increases.

I thought I would be able to live with the way the sweater was turning out and just continue on while doing it correctly, but then I decided I would be super unhappy with the finished project so I frogged it and am restarting.  3 days, down the drain.

Seriously, purling?!  Ughhf.