Errata, it happens!

While we do our best to have all of our patterns tech edited and thoroughly tested, some mistakes still slip through the cracks. If you see anything that's not already listed, please let us know!


Strand (book)

Nothing to report.

This Must Be the Place (book)

Nothing to see here.

Persica 2X-5X (single pattern, sold at Knit City 2018 only)

Upper Back section has been replaced with corrected instructions for Back Left, Back Right and Back. Pattern PDF has been updated on Ravelry. Download your copy with the code provided here to receive the updated pattern. If you have already worked the whole body, no need to rip it out! Seam the shoulders closed with darning needle and thread, and include the live stitch that was put on hold so it doesn’t come undone, then pick up your sleeves and continue as written.

Haida (single pattern sold before Feb 1, 2019)

Rows 47 and 57 of the written instructions should read: k3, [yo, k7, *yo, sl, k2tog, psso, yo, k7, rep from * to m, yo], k1tbl, rep sts between [ ], k3. Pattern PDF has been updated on Ravelry.