FALL 2019
Did you ever find yourself with that beautiful skein of hand dyed yarn, but it just never found its way onto your needles? Did you fall out of love with that seafoam green you couldn’t get enough of five years ago? Do you find yourself with three skeins of pink speckles that are all pretty much the same? Did you buy something online and it wasn’t quite what you were expecting? Trade in those sock yarns for a set of 5 mystery mini skeins with the Indie Mini Sock Swap!

The Indie Mini Sock Swap is a fun way to try out new-to-you dyers, to bolster your stash of mini skeins and is also a great way to clear out some of the cobwebs of your stash.

Send in a skein of yarn and get 5 pre-wound mini skeins in return. Each mini skein is ready to knit, including a label with all of the yarn and dyer information. When registering, choose your colour and shade preferences and we’ll tailor your mystery set to your specific requests. We will also try our best to make a cohesive collection that will work well if used together, and include a mix of tonal, speckled, variegated and otherwise dyed yarns. This season’s swap will also include a brand new knitted sock pattern by Megan Nodecker, perfect for using with your mini skein set.

How To Play

Register at pipandpin.ca/shop/indiemini. Registration opens on September 3, 2019 at 8am PST and closes September 10, 2019 at midnight PST. There will be limited spaces available and you will need to pay your registration fee at check out. Sign up for our newsletter to get an email reminder when registration opens.

As soon as you have registered, you will receive a welcome email which includes the address of where to send your skein of yarn. Send in your skein in as soon as possible. The deadline for receiving yarn is October 15, 2019. If yarn has not been received by then you may forfeit your space in the swap.

Once the yarn has been received, we’ll start winding it all up and putting together the mini skein sets. On or before November 5, 2019 yarn packages will hit the post office and in a few more sleeps the lovingly curated mystery sets will be hitting doorsteps, just in time for the holidays.

What is the Registration Fee for?

The registration fee covers the winding, labeling, curating, packaging and return shipping of your mini skein sets. The Fall 2019 swap will also include a brand new knitting pattern by Megan Nodecker, perfect for using with your mini skein set. The fee is $14.50 CAD (about $11 USD) for the first skein, then $10.00 CAD for any additional sets you’d like to sign up for.


What is considered indie dyed yarn? Indie dyed yarn is anything that has been dyed by hand. Commercially produced yarn, such as Knit Picks, Cascade, Patons, etc., is not accepted for this swap, but large scale hand dyed yarn, such as Hedgehog, Malabrigo and Madelinetosh are. If you have a question about a specific yarn, please use the email link at the bottom of the page and ask away.

What kind of yarn do I need to send in?

  • You must send in a skein of yarn that is at least 100 grams. Yarn can have been previously wound but you must include the original yarn label. Please do not send in partial or damaged skeins.

  • Yarn must be indie dyed, though can be any colour or dye method (solid, tonal, speckle, variegated or other).

  • Yarn must be fingering weight.

  • Yarn must suitable for sock knitting such as a superwash wool/nylon blend, merino cashmere nylon (MCN), BFL, etc. While it is not mandatory for you to make socks with your minis, we would like to keep that as an option for anyone who does. Please no singles or non-superwash yarns.

  • Yarn must have been dyed by someone who currently dyes and sells yarn. Half the fun of the swap is getting a chance to try out new-to-you dyers!

What can I use my mini skeins for? Lots! I like using them for contrasting heels, toes and cuffs on my socks, as an accent colour in a larger project, an addition to my scrappy blanket, or for stripes on pretty much anything. I’ve made a bundle of patterns on Ravelry here for inspiration.

Can I send in my own hand dyed yarn? If you have a yarn dyeing business and would like to send in a skein of your own yarn - absolutely! If you dye for fun and do not sell it anywhere, then unfortunately not.

Can I register for more than one set? Yes! You can register for as many mini skein sets as you would like, just remember that you will need to send in one skein of yarn for set you’d like to receive.

What if I don’t like my minis? We have a survey when you register to find out your yarn colour preferences and we will absolutely try our best to create a mystery set you will love, but we may miss the mark sometimes. The mini skeins going out completely depend on the ones coming in, so if there is a large number of people who send in red yarn and also a large number of people who want neutrals, we will have to work with that to the best of our ability. Due to the nature of the swap we will not be able to refund you if you don’t like what you were sent.  

Do I need to get tracking for my yarn package? Tracking is not mandatory when sending yarn in for the swap, as it can be quite cost prohibitive, but yarn received is the responsibility of the sender. We can not be responsible for lost packages coming to us. If the package gets to us late we will try to fit it into the swap, but if that is not possible we will return to sender. Make sure you send your yarn as soon as possible after registering to be sure you won’t miss the deadline.

What knitting pattern is included in the swap? That’s a secret for now, but I can tell you this season’s pattern will be a sock. If you check out our Instagram you might be able to catch a glimpse of it.

Can I contact you with questions? Absolutely! Feel free to send us an email at support @pipandpin.ca with any questions, comments or concerns.